How to Design Your Own Hoodie

Do you have what it takes to design your own hoodie? Are you interested in creating your own personal branding with custom shirts and hoodies that reflect your personality, instead of having to slog through different brands of shirts and hoodies in the effort to find prints that match your mood and personality?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck. Today we are going to teach you how to create best designs for custom hoodies, using your own ideas and creativity. Let us get started!


  1. Start thinking creatively

One of the things that you have to do when designing any kind of garment is to be as creative as possible.

Design Your Own Hoodie

To be creative is to think of something using a different angle, or perspective. There’s a need for us to rethink how we can present or represent things, to make them stand out while making them attractive to people.

This is probably the toughest part about creating shirt designs. It’s easy to lay down text and graphics, but it’s difficult to create a balance that will make a shirt stand out.

Our personal process for creating shirts revolves around brainstorming a concept or message that we want to push through with the design in the first place.

So, this is an excellent way to get started: think of the main message that you want to convey with your design. The message can be long or short, but it has to reflect exactly what you want to communicate using the hoodie as a medium.

The next step is to start thinking of all the elements that will help you communicate the message.

Sometimes the design can be as simple as a line or two of text, or as complex as a pastiche of images. Whatever your choice may be, just keep in mind that the purpose of combining the images and texts is always to articulate the target message in such a way that it will be easy for the viewer to understand it.


  1. Learn to use hierarchy in design

Hierarchy refers to emphasis and ordering of elements within a given set of elements. Designing a hoodie is no different from designing a mural, or expressing art on any other canvas.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of hoodie design is because you are dealing with a fabric that is often darker than your usual white classic shirt, you are somehow limited with selecting the major colors of your design.

If the fabric is too dark and it is hard to design anything on it, then your best bet would be to create a completely new background or canvas for the design that will allow your central elements to float to the foreground of your viewer’s sight.

There are so many ways to do this, but contrasting is by far the easiest, and you can even avoid the white background completely by simply using elements that have a different color from the central elements that you want to emphasize.

Speaking of emphasis that happens when the designer establishes a hierarchy of elements within a given canvas. What do we mean by this? The most important elements in the design are given the most space, while less important elements are relegated to smaller spaces to give way to the more important elements.

Establishing hierarchy of elements in a design can be accomplished in a variety of ways:

– By changing the colors of the elements.

– By outlining the elements with thicker and bolder lines.

– By changing the contrast of the background so that the foreground elements will be seen more than the background elements.

– By reducing the number of elements on the canvas.

– By increasing the scale or size of the foreground elements or by reducing the size of the background elements, to make them less conspicuous.


  1. Learn to step back from your design

Design Your Own HoodiesBelieve it or not, part of the effort of creating a good design is knowing when to step back from it, to give your eyes and mind a bit of rest. When you feel saturated and the design no longer looks right, it’s best to stop and refresh yourself before going back to the drawing board.

The best thing about this approach is you get to improve your design after resting because you will be able to spot issues with it when your eyes have cooled down sufficiently. Tired eyes don’t help you become creative at all.

Now, if you feel that your work still needs improvement, but you can’t find the inspiration by just looking at your image editing software, your best recourse would be to get out of the house or your working space and go outside.

Take a brief walk, look at your surroundings and get a feel of what you are looking for. Changing your environment is a neat way to immediately get new insights for any art that you might be doing, and this is also a good way to rest the mind and eyes.


  1. Font families matter

Mixing fonts is common for ultra-hip and modern designs, but if you can keep your designs limited to one font family, do it.

The reason for this is that it is easy on the eyes, and your design will not look like it was spray painted with different fonts.

Uniformity in chaos is something that we should all aspire for when we’re doing important design work, even if it’s just for shirts for our personal branding efforts.

You can change the appearance of fonts by applying basic editing to them: bold, italic, underlined… These basic modifications will already give you a world of possibilities within a single design.

And the best thing about it is you can change the font typeface again and again and you can experiment as much as you want before having your new hoodies printed. Be open to different forms and keep experimenting until you get the best possible mix of fonts.


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The Ease of Pawn Shop Loans – Things You Should Know

Did you know that you could get a short term loan from a pawn solution? That’s right, there are pawn shops that you can work with to get a loan without much intrusion, or even a search of your credit history. Too often, people assume that they cannot get a loan when they need it most, but that’s not the case at all. You could very well get a helping hand with whatever it is you need, without having to work with much issue. Now, if you have never used a pawn solution to help you get money, then the following is for you. This will discuss how to get a loan from a pawn shop, and how easy it is for just about anyone to work with.

The Loan Solution

Pawn ShopBefore getting too far, you need to know that if you work with this type of loan, you’ll need to have collateral. That means that you will need to have something that is of value to give up for a short term. For instance, let’s assume that you had a ring that the shop values at $1,000 and decides to give you a loan of that amount. That money will need to be paid back within the allotted time of the overall loan, and that’s fine.

As long as you pay back your loan, all will go well, and you will receive your ring back. However, if you do not pay back your loan, or you miss payments, you will lose the ring itself and you may not be able to get another loan or even deal with the shop again. It’s that simple.

No Credit Check At All

People with bad credit, low credit, and even those that may have ok credit are often denied for credit cards and more. You may find that this is a difficult task to work with because it means that you will not be able to get the money that you need, especially during an emergency. Because of this, you’ll need a different route, which is where a pawn shop comes into mind.

A pawn solution will not request to see your credit history and will be able to work out a deal that others do not. They even have loans that are easy to pay and are not predatory in nature. Other options like pay day loans, and similar solutions are difficult to manage and could cost you a great deal of money to move forward with, which is why this is a better solution overall.

Anyone Can Get A Loan

So long as you have items that are of inherent value, you will be able to get a loan, it’s simple as that. If you are serious about lending, then why not go this route, and see what you can do to get a helping hand. The next time you are in need of fast cash, and you’re not sure where to turn, a pawn shop could very well be the answer that you seek. Test it out once, and see why it’s so critical at times.

Deciding To Pawn Or Sell To MajorPawn

When it comes to getting financially stable, you sometimes have to seek out alternative methods of getting paid. Some of the easiest options to consider may be right under your nose. You see, there are many people that drive past options like pawn shops and don’t even realize that they can help them get paid.

There are two major ways that these companies help people today and it starts with pawning solutions. You can always pawn something, or you could go with another method. The secondary method is simply to work with selling items. Selling items is a hard thing to do at first glance.

pawn shop

However, you will find that when you work with certain companies, you will be able to garner a great deal of financial success, and move forward. One such company is that of MajorPawn, and they can help you generate a good deal of progress if you use them. But which is best for you? Should you pawn or should you sell items? Knowing how each works will help you generate the right movement forward, that’s for certain.

Pawning Items

The first major option that you will want to work with is simple, pawning. Pawning solutions is a great option to pursue because it’s going to pay off dividends. This is something that helps you get payment for items in the form of a loan.

You see, you will be selling things to the company and they are going to assess the value of the items. They are then going to give you cash for that assessment, and you will need to look into focusing on whether or not you want to take the offer.

If you take the offer from MajorPawn, you will need to pay back the loan. While you’re paying back the loan, the company is going to hold onto the items that you have just given them.

That is something that is the same across all pawn solutions. If you are ok with that, then you can get a quick loan without having to deal with credit scores or anything like that.

Selling Items

The next thing that you will want to look into is whether or not you can sell things. Selling things is a good thing, and it’s an important aspect of what pawn solutions do. When you look at selling items, make sure that you have something that is definitely of value. Not just inherent value, but a global valued solution. For instance, you’ll find that companies like MajorPawn, will pay top dollar for precious metals.


That includes gold, silver, and platinum. If you have items of this nature, then by all means send them away. You’ll find that you can get top dollar for them, and that’s it. The transaction is as simple as sending your items away, and waiting for a paycheck. That’s it. There’s nothing complicated about this.

Now, which is the best route for you? That’s something that you have to think about, because each solution is based on several notes, and something that you will need to figure out on your own. Each method is good, however.

Looking For The Best PCB Assembly Partner? Check These Guidelines

Pcb-FabricationThere are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration when thinking about which PCB assembly partner to go with. You could easily go with the hundreds of PCB assembly partner options that exist across the world, but there are only a handful few that can actually meet the standards that you have set, and so it is important for you to actually look into the matter further before you make a final decision of which one to choose.

We understand how difficult it is to select the right PCB assembly partner, which is why we at have listed down some of the important things that you have to consider when looking for the right PCB assembly partner.

  • Competency.

Of course, experts with the right credentials are more trustworthy when it comes performing jobs related to the assembly of PCB. Once the project is underway, a good assembler must know everything that they have to do in order to get the job done without having to consult with you all the time. We usually recommend assemblers that have received certifications such as those that come from the ISO.

  • Equipment.

Is the assembler even ready to accept jobs, equipment-wise? Check how accurate they are in determining how long it would take for them to get a job done with the use of the materials that they have in hand. We already remind people that an assembler can only deliver a product based on the materials that they have, and the quality and accuracy of their work will depend on the material which had been available to them at the time that the project was made.

  • Lead Speed.

An important factor in considering one as a PCB assembly partner is the lead time. Just as projects can have variations, so can deadlines. Therefore, you should do your research and try and find out which assemblers are most accommodating when it comes to delivering your order as soon as possible. In addition to this, you should also take note of when the turn time begins and ends. For a lot of assembly shops the turn time begins once they have received all the components they need, known as “Day One”.

  • Location.

Is the assembler near or far from you? The proximity of their location to your is just as important. If you go with an assembler that happens to be located in a different country, you may get the best products, but the delivery might take months. On the other hand, you may find local services that provide overnight deliveries or faster delivery services.

  • Minimum Order.

You will need a partner that will be able to work on a job regardless of how big or small it is. PCB projects can be very distinct in nature, and we always remind people that they will never know what they are going to work on next. Some PCB projects require the creation of just one board, while some would require a dozen or more. There are jobs that may seem too big for one company, but just enough for another. You will need a partner that is versatile enough to meet all of these variations, and someone who would be able to deliver with high quality all the time.


  • Pricing.

Of course, the cost of labor is something that we should always think about. The cost that you have to pay for the service you received from the assembler should match the quality and the burden of the job you have given them. Aside from these factors, the fact that you have either given all, some, or none of the components for the assembler to use also plays an important part in pricing.

  • References.

Some assemblers have done such a great job over the years that they have gained loyal customers who are willing to talk them up to potential clients. If an assembler has gained fame for delivering quality service to their clients, you will know thanks to the passing of word of mouth. These references are almost never wrong, and if many people tell you that a company is good, is highly unlikely that they are wrong.

In sum, doing your research and being more observant with what each assembler offers is the key to determining who is best. We recommend keeping these guidelines in mind when you are looking for the right assembler for your PCB. Not only will you save yourself unnecessary costs from mistakes, but you will most likely get top quality products if you follow these guidelines.


PCB assembly get together is all around requested particularly by advanced gadget organizations, different machines and administrations. Visit our website pcbnet for more information and contact with us.


What They Did Not Tell You about Being a Motivational Speaker

You might have heard of several famous names in motivational speaking and the first thing that comes into your mind is how lucky these people are to get paid for doing what they love. This probably makes you think in pursuing a career as a motivational speaker.

There are no standard qualifications for it but you need to have strong words that can impact the lives of several people. That is the key to being a well-known motivational speaker. But just like anything else, the road to success for this career is quite tough. A lot of people are aiming for the same thing;

here are some of those things:
  • Power of the message.

The message is always more important than the messenger because motivational speaking is all about making a difference in the lives of the listeners. Motivational speaking aims to share information that is relevant to the audience and to leave a meaning that is valuable to the person’s growth as an individual. For more details visit

While it is true that you do not need certain qualifications to enter the field, one needs to have ample knowledge and valuable life experiences to share with the people. In fact, there are some speakers who used to be criminals, orphans, or survivors of certain diseases. These fruitful life stories are what made them successful as speakers. To be able to touch the hearts of listeners and change their outlook in life through your words makes being a motivational speaker satisfying.

  • Financial Reward.

The top motivational speakers can earn an average of $90,000 a year. According to a job site, the lowest annual salary earned by speakers is at $57,000 in Hawaii, and the highest is $106,000 in New York for the year 2013 alone.

It is not surprising then if there are several people inclined to pursue this career. Not only do you make a change in your community, you also reap your rewards. However, competition is challenging and therefore, it requires a lot of determination before you get to the top. You will have to start by speaking in events for free. Your goal is for people to hear what you have to say.

Once you establish that, your name will definitely follow. Perhaps, the listeners themselves are your way to your next speaking event. As you continue to build your name and career, your rate for speaking will also increase and the scope of your location will widen.

  • A business of your own.

One of the best things as a motivational speaker is that you are your own boss. You get to approve which events you want to attend, the duration of your work, and how far you are willing to travel. This takes you away from the normal 9-5 life in an office setting. Plus, it only takes a few hours for a speaker to work and earn $10,000.


The rate, of course, is highly dependent on the status of your speaking career. If your name is often sought out by organizations and companies, your rate goes up. So, if you were earning $10,000 for a single event and you have 10 booked events spread in a year that would give you a $100,000 annual income.

  • Apart from speaking, it is common for speakers to publish their own works.

Other sources of income for motivational speakers include published books, CDs, coaching sessions and even consulting jobs. The challenge lies on being away from the family during speaking events. Sometimes, a motivational speaker is asked to travel in another state and outside of the country to speak, attend book launchings, and do coaching sessions.

Combining Performance And Style In Your Golf Apparel

Golf-ApparelGolf is one of the ball sports that have withstood the test of time. It has emerged as a very popular sport around the globe. As history narrates it, golf was played by kings and higher officials in the time of Julius Caesar, roughly in the 14th century. Perhaps, that is why some people call it either “Game of Kings” or “Rich Man’s Sport.” Just like other sports, golf has its unique “faithfulness” to certain principles and etiquette – these include wearing the proper golf apparel. Ever since it was invented in Scotland hundreds of years ago, rules on golf clothing have been quite strict and significant as to maintain the sophisticated atmosphere of the game.

Wearing the right golf outfit is part of the requirements of playing the game –

Most golf courses have proper dress codes that players will have to follow if they want to get on the greens. These rules are usually printed and displayed or handed to the golfers who want to play. Even beginners are expected to adhere to these rules to uphold the traditions of the game. Dressing sloppily could actually offend other players. It could be misconstrued as not having a high enough regard for the game.

Such high-browed requirements have a much more reasonable purpose. The prescribed golf apparel are actually those that are perceived to be the most comfortable on the greens. The right outfit should help the golfer perform better on the golf course. It should not get in the way of the golfer’s swing.

Here Are The Different Basic Golf Apparel Styles:

Undoubtedly, your choice of golf apparel should combine both style and performance. The very basic golf shirt is one that is collared and is usually made of cotton, microfiber, or polyester. It is worn tucked into a pair of shorts or pants. Women can wear the same outfit, tailored to fit their frame and size of course. The choice of outfit should always adhere to the traditional sense of modesty and class. T-shirts, V-neck shirts, and skin baring clothes are not acceptable no matter how hot the weather is.

The pants or shorts worn for playing golf are made of light material as opposed to denim jeans. Jeans are quite heavy and restrictive. Golf pants are mostly made of a cotton or polyester blend. There are some courses that allow women golfers to wear dress shorts or golf skirts. These skirts are made with a cut pleat or V-notch on the front or side to allow for motion in the golf swing. These skirts also have a sewn in undergarment. For both men and women, wearing workout pants, running shorts, or basketball jersey shorts is not permitted.

Golf ApparelFootwear is also considered to be part of the required golf apparel. Specially designed golf shoes serve to stabilize player’s swing, allow for grip when walking, and provide comfort during a round that can last for several hours. These shoes are designed with spikes on the soles. Very few golf courses would allow golfers to wear running shoes or sneakers. Needless to say, other footwear like sandals, slippers, street shoes, and boots are not permitted on the golf course.

While golf hats are not specified in the dress code, wearing a headgear is recommended to provide protection from the raging sun. Baseball hats and visors are acceptable but cowboy hats, beanie caps, and gangster caps are definitely not suitable for use while playing golf. What golfers need is enough shade so they can see the ball and their target clearly without getting distracted or “blinded” by the sun’s glare.

Golfers do not really have to worry about looking too stiff and serious when following the strict dress codes in the golf courses. There are a lot of designs in golf apparel that are both stylish and practical. While some may think that these clothing items are expensive, there are actually some that come at affordable prices. Of course, spending a little more for comfort and performance is bound to pay off on the course.


If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable Golf apparel and accessories to wear on the green, we have a full range of options for you to choose here

Taking SEO Services To Task – Considerations You Need To Make When Hiring A Professional

It has been discussed to death, finding SEO services is not only crucial to long term success online, but it’s the only way to ensure longevity amidst heavy competition. You may have experienced this in the past, and found yourself with good results, but what about those that didn’t have such a good experience? There’s a lot of people that tried to make their marketing goals a reality, only to find themselves spending a ton of money without any real results.seo-free-download-png-180x180For those that aren’t ready to jump to hiring SEO services, due to past experiences, then perhaps it’s time to isolate the questions that you should not only ask your next consultant, but also consider them for the past. Take into account a few misconceptions, and myths associated with SEO as well, because you will want to be ready for the interview process that you encounter moving forward.

Content Marketing Can Be Spun and Still Have High Value

If you encounter SEO services that tell you about how they are going to spin articles and post them on your behalf, be careful. Spinning should never be the crux of your marketing plans. In fact, if you have a lot of spun content across several websites, and directories, you will get penalized. Google recently thrashed a lot of rankings because of this. Do not allow anyone to take content and spin it and then post it again. If you have to spend more money, do so, and get 100% unique, new, and quality content. Fight for it if you have to, because that’s the only way you can guarantee you’ll get the right return on investment. The text matters, not the keyword density, and not the footer that you post a quick call to action.

Realistic Goals and Metrics

The biggest challenge that you’re going to face when you hire a professional consultant to take on the goals of search engine optimization is the results quotient. Realistic goals and metrics should be an easy thing to get a hold of. Not only that, but you should be able to get a report of all the work that is being done and what lengths have been given to sustaining market share and creating traffic. Never go into a “performance based” pay structure, as that will often times cause marketing professionals to cut corners in hopes of getting paid. Another thing to remember is that you will not immediately see sales spike, as conversion are hard to quantify with optimization alone. Conversions will take time, so make sure that you’re curb your expectations from getting the best of you.

The Competition Doesn’t Always Know Better

If you have a lot of rivals in your industry, you need to fight the urge to emulate them outright. If you approach SEO services with the notion that you want to copy their approach, you will be doing yourself a disservice. The competition may look great from the outside, but when you discuss their approach with an expert, you’ll realize that there are holes. If you focus too much on what others are doing, new ideas will not seem too appealing. There’s always something that you can do better than others, and that’s the point of hiring a good SEO company to get your back. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on the opportunity to break the mold.

The above considerations are just some of the things that matter most when you’re hiring a search engine optimization service. Take your time hiring someone, and make sure that you are fully aware of the aforementioned components and considerations. Without understanding those things, you will not be able to gain market share in time.

Advertising – The Essence of SEO (the kind offered in sites such as

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”. These are wise words from Henry Ford. In this day and age, it does not matter how terrific something is if no one knows about it in the first place. People might say there’s Google, Yahoo, or Bing to help make looking for information easier. Well that’s true. Search engines really do work wonders in helping people find what they need. However, inexperienced entrepreneurs venturing online might think “I’ll just put up a website so everybody knows about what I have.”It does not end there. In fact, that’s the part where search engines become a double-edged sword.

seoThe thing about search engines is that they work using algorithms. For a standard query, there will be a lot of helpful information that’s going to be available. Sometimes even up to the high thousands or possibly millions. The key is to make sure that your website is found first. Or at least let it be among the first choices. The algorithms used can vary from search engine to search engine, making it more difficult to advertise on the internet effectively. Due to this dilemma, the rise of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies who provide a solution by analyzing and carefully studying the data in order to help customer webpages be at the forefront of related search results was inevitable. An example of a prominent SEO company is SEOExplode.Inc. If you check out their website you will gain a better understanding about the whole thing. Here is a link to their homepage:

But then again, one might argue “why not advertise in a different way like those banner ads that most of us are familiar with?”. Well that will help only up to a certain extent simply because it is definitely not as effective as optimizing your website for search engines. One of the main reasons being that at least the majority of the people who use search engines are actually looking for or is already interested in what they are searching. That could only mean that your website will be found by the people who are already looking for it (or something similar) in the first place. Again the key is to be one of the first choices that this potential buyer might consider. Only after being found will the other factors take place.

Another question that could be asked is,“Is it really necessary?”

Well you can certainly not invest in search engine optimization. However, to be competitive nowadays more often than not requires web presence. Consider a company that helps local storage facilities (in the U.S.) acquire and maintain a reasonably priced online presence. It’s already a win-win situation for all parties involved to say the least. Needless to say more people looking for storage facilities found the perfect fit for them with less hassle (no more wasting time looking up numbers and calling one at a time), local storage facilities who previously cannot compete with storage giants saw an increase in business, and of course the company gets something out of it as well. It is a perfect example of business owners connecting with the people who are actually in need of what they offer. Therefore, looking at the bigger picture, it is absolutely necessary if you want to keep in step or even have an advantage in comparison to similar websites.

The last and most important question will be “Is it worth spending money on?” No one will argue the fact that business is almost always synonymous to making money. Based on all the reading you have done so far, surely you can guess the answer to this question. It is a resounding YES. Viewed from a business standpoint, what happens when you invest in Search Engine Optimization is that you lose money now in order to gain more later– which is the main goal of long term investments. This is true not only for Search Engine Optimization but in all kinds of advertising. You just have to pick the most value for money way of making your website or product known and SEO’s are definitely a good way to achieve that. After all not all of us have that much money to spend on all forms of advertising. You could check to have a better understanding about the general costs of such an endeavor.

So to wrap up this relatively uncommon piece about advertising, it’s important to reiterate what many have been saying when it comes to search engine optimization. The most effective way to advertise is to make sure that you are found by people with the capacity to purchase and have evident interest in what you have to offer. After all, isn’t that kind of the point in advertising?

Link Building for your site, the right way

linkOne of the most overused strategies in improving your site’s ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) is to make other people refer to it, also known as link building. It is a great way to make your website stand out against competitors. However, recent infrastructure upgrades on the algorithm of search engines dealt huge a huge blow to this internet marketing tactic. Gone are the days where huge numbers of links referring to your site gives it a great boost on its SERP ranking. You now need to rethink your plans completely.

As the focus of SERPs shifted into valuing the quality of the links that refers your site, the following link building tips will ensure that your efforts to use this scheme will not derail your efforts to advertise your website.

•Include quotations from famous individuals on the field of your choice

The thing about people is that they will naturally become attracted to your site when you fill it with lines that came from influential persons from your niche. Knowing this, you must find the most authorative figure that can your visitors can relate with, don’t use any obscure references. Upon using this person’s words as a part of the contents of your website, you will increase the chance that your visitors refer your site to other people.

•Find a broken link that you can replace with a link to your website

This is one of the best link building tips you should follow because of what it can do. To do this, you must find a well-respected site for your website’s main niche, such as a Wikipedia page, which has a backlink to dead or broken webpage. Upon finding a suitable candidate, contact the person in charge of maintaining the website, inform him or her that it carries a dead link, and offer your site as a source material replacement for the broken link. This way, you will help not only yourself and your site to rank higher on SERP’s rankings, but you will also assist the site that has a broken link.

•Channel the power of social media for your link building needs

Another one of the most effective link building tips you should know is to harness the potential of social media in your marketing efforts. There are many ways where you can gain a link to your profile from these social media outlets.

social media One is to create an entertaining, but equally powerful post on Facebook or Twitter about your product that people find worthwhile to share with their friends and followers. Another thing worth the effort to do is to create an infographic content on your website that you can share to these social networking sites. If you create it with utmost care, diligence and contains well-researched data, there is a high chance that people will also link your infographic to their profile pages, making it possible for you to promote your site organically.

•Practice proper guest blogging

Practically speaking, guest blogging can help both you and the owner of the blog. A well-balanced, great quality and original material that you have contributed to that blog can attract more visitors to their site. At the same time, your website will gain a positive exposure on the web, a linkback to your site, and greater recognition on the multitude of bloggers over the internet.

While all of these link building tips still work as of today, recklessly using these methods to promote your site will deal more harm than good to your site. With the relentless pursuit of search engine providers to penalize people who abuse this internet marketing strategy, you need to execute these tips carefully to for you to benefit from it.