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Combining Performance And Style In Your Golf Apparel

Golf-ApparelGolf is one of the ball sports that have withstood the test of time. It has emerged as a very popular sport around the globe. As history narrates it, golf was played by kings and higher officials in the time of Julius Caesar, roughly in the 14th century. Perhaps, that is why some people call it either “Game of Kings” or “Rich Man’s Sport.” Just like other sports, golf has its unique “faithfulness” to certain principles and etiquette – these include wearing the proper golf apparel. Ever since it was invented in Scotland hundreds of years ago, rules on golf clothing have been quite strict and significant as to maintain the sophisticated atmosphere of the game.

Wearing the right golf outfit is part of the requirements of playing the game –

Most golf courses have proper dress codes that players will have to follow if they want to get on the greens. These rules are usually printed and displayed or handed to the golfers who want to play. Even beginners are expected to adhere to these rules to uphold the traditions of the game. Dressing sloppily could actually offend other players. It could be misconstrued as not having a high enough regard for the game.

Such high-browed requirements have a much more reasonable purpose. The prescribed golf apparel are actually those that are perceived to be the most comfortable on the greens. The right outfit should help the golfer perform better on the golf course. It should not get in the way of the golfer’s swing.

Here Are The Different Basic Golf Apparel Styles:

Undoubtedly, your choice of golf apparel should combine both style and performance. The very basic golf shirt is one that is collared and is usually made of cotton, microfiber, or polyester. It is worn tucked into a pair of shorts or pants. Women can wear the same outfit, tailored to fit their frame and size of course. The choice of outfit should always adhere to the traditional sense of modesty and class. T-shirts, V-neck shirts, and skin baring clothes are not acceptable no matter how hot the weather is.

The pants or shorts worn for playing golf are made of light material as opposed to denim jeans. Jeans are quite heavy and restrictive. Golf pants are mostly made of a cotton or polyester blend. There are some courses that allow women golfers to wear dress shorts or golf skirts. These skirts are made with a cut pleat or V-notch on the front or side to allow for motion in the golf swing. These skirts also have a sewn in undergarment. For both men and women, wearing workout pants, running shorts, or basketball jersey shorts is not permitted.

Golf ApparelFootwear is also considered to be part of the required golf apparel. Specially designed golf shoes serve to stabilize player’s swing, allow for grip when walking, and provide comfort during a round that can last for several hours. These shoes are designed with spikes on the soles. Very few golf courses would allow golfers to wear running shoes or sneakers. Needless to say, other footwear like sandals, slippers, street shoes, and boots are not permitted on the golf course.

While golf hats are not specified in the dress code, wearing a headgear is recommended to provide protection from the raging sun. Baseball hats and visors are acceptable but cowboy hats, beanie caps, and gangster caps are definitely not suitable for use while playing golf. What golfers need is enough shade so they can see the ball and their target clearly without getting distracted or “blinded” by the sun’s glare.

Golfers do not really have to worry about looking too stiff and serious when following the strict dress codes in the golf courses. There are a lot of designs in golf apparel that are both stylish and practical. While some may think that these clothing items are expensive, there are actually some that come at affordable prices. Of course, spending a little more for comfort and performance is bound to pay off on the course.


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